Boost your Confidence While Running Errands


Do Not Wear These 11 Things When Traveling on a Plane

Do Not Wear These 11 Things When Traveling on a Plane

Plane rides were one of my favorite things when I was growing up. For days leading up to the flight I’d hope and wish that I’d get to meet the pilot. Something about a person who could drive a plane through the sky was so magical to me. As I’ve gotten older, my preflight daily prayer has turned into

Please God, don’t let me sit next to a smelly person.

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10 Maxi Dresses that you Need ASAP

10 Maxi Dresses that you Need ASAP

I swear I’m not obsessed! Or maybe I am? Who really cares, amiright?! I can think of worse things to be obsessed with! TBH, a maxi dress is pretty high up on the obsession list… along with bagels, shoes, and…

5 Ways to Add Color to your Wardrobe

You know those people who are like… but it kinda seems like they think every day is Wednesday? Yep, I’m not one of those people! I. LOVE. COLOR. If you ask me, the more color the better. Adding color…

How to Boost Your Confidence While Running Errands

I’d bet my last slice of pizza that you’ve heard it all before… First impressions are everything… Dress to impress… You never know who you’ll bump into… But LBH, who really wants to spend an hour getting ready to go to the…

10 Reasons to Love Maxi Dresses

TBH, my style was once… questionable. Actually, I don’t know if questionable is the word I’m looking for. Of course, I went through phases… I mean, what girl didn’t amiright?! There was the band tee phase (even though I…

Mother's Day

The Unexpected Mother’s Day Post

I was writing about maxi dresses Or at least trying to write about them. I started working on a post about maxi dresses that was going in a totally different direction than where we are headed now. I was gonna…

Tips for Pulling off the Bra Top

 Without feeling like you forgot your shirt at home My world has been turned upside down. For years… years, they (I dunno who ‘they’ is btw) have been telling us it’s okay to walk around in a bikini but bra and…

How to Wear Jean Shorts and Heels

Because we all know this one can get messy! Year after year as spring and summer comes back around, I find myself mindlessly munching on Cheez-its (seriously, I can’t stop) while scrolling through the ‘Gram, soaking in all of the spring and…