My Secret Weapon to De-Stress On The Go

De-stress on the go

Do you guys know what ruminating is? It’s okay if you don’t because I didn’t until a few days ago either. To ruminate is to go over something in your mind repeatedly. I do that a lot. But like in an excessive, unhealthy manner.

Like when I have to text pretty much anyone but my boyfriend and my sisters, from the moment I press send until the millisecond the person gets back to me I’m in super panic mode. Rethinking the conversation over and over in my head. Did I understand what he meant? Did I say the right thing back? Will he get what I said? OMG I probably totally misunderstood him. I definitely said the wrong thing back. He’s gonna hate me forever. Why haven’t I gotten a text ba- OH PHEW! He doesn’t hate me. Just got a text back. We’re good. Nothing to see here, people!

PS that was my actual thought process while texting our pest control guy the other day.Β That’s basically what it’s like to be in my brain ALL DAY LONG. Tired yet? It’s honestly exhausting and can make being out in public really hard sometimes. The tiniest little thing can ruin my mood or stress me to the max and it’s just so silly to be upset about silly things, you know? But sometimes I really can’t help it on my own and I need a little extra something-something. I knew I needed a quick way to press the reset button on my brain and even though I wasn’t totally sure what that way was, I did know for sure that taking deep breaths and counting to 10 wasn’t gonna cut it.

Some of you may know that this blog is actually my second baby. My first is an email marketing business but back in June my depression got so bad that I had to stop running my business. Instead of starting my days with work, I began started them off with coloring in a coloring book. I found that some patterns were really helpful for quieting my mind and other patterns were great for focusing and thinking something through clearly. And then it hit me!

My Secret Weapon to De-Stress On The Go

Mini purse sized adult coloring books make the perfect secret weapon for de-stressing on the go. It honestly just takes a couple minutes of coloring to calm me down sometimes. I’ll even go color in the bathroom at restaurants for a few minutes between courses and it can make a HUGE difference in my mood.

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And if you’re sitting there all like ‘Michelle, you’re crazy and coloring will not help me de-stress.’ yes, I’m probs a little crazy but just hear me out. Back in June when my therapist first suggested I start coloring, I thought she was nuts and I was convinced it wouldn’t work for me. My mind is so busy and I couldn’t see how sitting there coloring would slow it down but it really does work!

These coloring books should be small enough to fit in your purse or car’s center console so you can really use them anywhere. I color in waiting rooms, while I’m waiting for coffee, up in the mountains when off roading, or anytime a stressful situation comes up and I need a few minutes to reset my mind.

Make sure to grab the super cute mini colored pencils with the sharpener case that’s down at the bottom. If you haven’t tried adult coloring books yet I 100% recommend giving them a try! How do you like to de-stress on the go? Let me know in the comments below!


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