Why You Don’t Have To Follow Trends to Be Stylish

When you stop following trends, you gain fashion freedom. More than gaining fashion freedom, you establish a style that is authentically you.

The fashion world is confusing. Style should be about owning who we are and wearing what we want yet every season we are told what trends we should be following. Talk about an oxymoron, am I right? So why? Why do we follow trends? Is it to fit in with everyone else? Is it because being the most stylish woman in the room makes us feel superior to others? Or is it simply because we don’t know what our own authentic style is?

Don’t get me wrong, I follow trends, but only on my terms. If a trend does not fit my personal style, I don’t wear it even if I like it. For example, the corset belt. It’s cute, I can appreciate it, but you won’t find me wearing it. It’s just not ‘me’. A terrible feeling I’ve experienced is being somewhere important in an outfit that made me feel uncomfortable. Talk about a lack of confidence. And guess what?! I was trying to follow a trend that wasn’t my style at all.

Your clothes should be your armor. They should make you feel strong, safe, and empowered. They should not make you feel weak, nervous, or scared. 

I think it’s really important to establish your own style before you follow any trend. Without knowing what your style is, you can get lost in a sea of trends. Not to mention, anything authentic is almost always 100x better than the fake stuff. Real hot cocoa vs. fat free hot cocoa… parmesan cheese grated from the wheel instead of shaken from a refrigerated bottle… fresh tuna over chicken of the sea…

…But if you catch my drift (<– see what I did there?), we want the real stuff. Not the fake fluff that any Joe Schmo can find in the mall or on the cover of a magazine (switching gears back to fashion) which is why you don’t need to follow trends to be stylish. You can be stylish just by being authentically you.

Want to put together outfits that don’t require trends?

She’s Not So Basic’s What To Wear Tonight Flowchart will help you pick out outfits using clothes you already have in your closet. 

I’m Michelle, the founder of life & style blog, She’s Not So Basic. On the blog I write about all things related to style advice, self-love, finding happiness, and so much more while wearing both my heart and my scars on my sleeve. My path through life has been anything but basic and it’s left me feeling lost, lonely, and insecure. Every day is a journey towards feeling confident and finding freedom one not-so-basic outfit at a time. Connect with me to see how we can work together, to tell me your #NotSoBasic story, or just to say hi!