Flared Dress Pants

Dressed Down Flared Dress Pants

Say that fast ten times!

Dress pants used to make me feel awkward. Like, are you sure I’m adult enough to wear these? What? I don’t need to show you my ID to buy dress pants? Oh, okay…

TBH, dress pants aside, sometimes I feel like my life is one giant, weird, awkward, is my dress tucked into my underwear as I’m leaving the bathroom again transition phase but the years between 21 and 24 were especially awkward.

There were a lot of first’s between those years. My first apartment by myself… First eviction… My first convertible… First break-up… My first big girl job… My first real need for dress pants. 

They felt so not me. Let me paint you a mental picture of what was considered ‘me’ back then…

It’s 2012 in Delray Beach, FL. 30H3’s Don’t Trust Me is blasting from my VW EOS (yes, I know… 5 years late). I’m heading out for drinks and I’m feeling pretty confident about my look. My high waisted floral soft shorts, stripped crop top (most likely see through or with an open back or both), unzipped/unlaced combat boots with ruffled lace socks poking out, and long chunky layered necklaces.

That was me.

Thankfully my first big girl job had a business casual dress code so I didn’t have to wear dress pants very often but I did ease myself into actually LOVING them and feeling comfortable wearing them IRL.

How you ask?

Well most importantly, I accepted that I had a little growing up and positive changing to do. Those first few years in our 20’s are pretty confusing (I guess the last few years are too lol). Okay let’s just called it what it is. All of our 20’s are confusing. While I didn’t want to totally lose myself and my style, I embraced that I needed to tweak it a little bit.

Next, I found a way to make dress pants work for me. Dress pants paired with a button down shirt was too much for me in the beginning. If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m all about the clothes feeling right and dress pants just didn’t feel right yet so I needed to stay in my element. I started out with tucking in a cotton tee shirt and pairing it with a cardigan, statement necklace, and pumps. Still office appropriate, but a little more me.

Eventually I started to feel more comfortable in dress pants and started expanding and experimenting with the way I style them. Lately I’ve been pretty into dressing down dress pants and I especially love a pair of pants with some flare!

These pants from Zara fit preeeeetty well. I was really surprised because I almost always have a hard time finding a pair of dress pants that fit me well but I instantly felt amazing in these pants.

The Style

I don’t know about you but when I’m styling looks, once I’ve chosen a focus piece my next step is usually to start thinking about the shoes. I mostly like to think about the weather, where I’m going, and what kind of ground I’ll be walking on. You need to walk with confidence and if you’re not 100% confident that you aren’t about to face plant any second while trekking across the cobblestone, you’re in the wrong shoes sister!

When I was styling these flared dress pants I knew that because I wanted to dress the pants down I’d probably want to wear some kind of sneaker or closed toe flat shoe. I was torn between my white Supergas or espadrilles. I ended up going with the blue espadrilles to help pull out the blue of the pants.

Don’t worry, I didn’t realize they were blue at first either. 

So once I had the shoe situation down I got to work on the rest of my look. I decided to pair my flared dress pants with a simple white cotton crop top and distressed denim jacket. I felt like the denim jacket tied in well with the espadrilles and helped dress down the pants. Finally, anything flared instantly makes me want to wear a chain belt so I kept that in mind as I was deciding what top to wear.

As with most of my other #MustHaveMonday items, these flared dress pants will most likely be on repeat!

Do you like to wear dress pants? What’s you favorite way to style them?

Pants: Zara || Top: Similar || Belt: Poshmark || Shoes: Chanel | Similar | Similar | Similar <– great deal!| WANT

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