Start Your Day Right and See Why It’s Important

Day For Success

Working from home definitely has its upsides but believe me when I tell you that unless you start your day right, you’re not going to be as productive as you could be and you may even find yourself a little depressed. Yes, depressed. Before I learned how to structure my day for success I was sleeping until 11:30am and staying in my pajamas all day. Sounds fun, right? Guess again! It gets old after a while and can have a negative effect on not only your day, but your life. Obviously if you to go to work from 9-5 you won’t have a chance to sleep in and stay in your pj’s all day but just keep reading because I really believe that taking a few extra steps in the morning can make a great impact on your life.

If you’re anything like me, your bed is probably one of your favorite places to be. I used to hate getting out of bed in the morning. My mindset was ‘I don’t have anywhere to be so what’s the harm in staying in bed until I’m ready to get out?’. Although this was true in the sense that I did not have a specific place or time to be somewhere, it was wrong in the sense that harm was being done to not only my work, but to me as well.

My work was suffering because I became complacent. I slept in, got up, did the bare minimum, and Netflix binged for the rest of the day. I personally suffered mostly because I wasn’t using my mind. Because I could sleep in, do the bare minimum, and still make money, I didn’t try to grow my business. My mind was turning to goo. My gooey brain was in turn making me depressed. I knew something needed to change which is how I came up with a routine to start my day for success. If you work somewhere that is not as mentally stimulating as you’d like or if work stresses you out, I urge you to come up with a morning routine that works for you.

While rolling out of bed and throwing your hair in a bun on your way out the door gives you some more time in bed, spending time setting your intentions for the day is worth so much more than the extra sleep. Different things work for different people so I encourage you try different options and see what works best for you. You can try meditating, exercising, or even one of those adult coloring books! I like to read because it gets me out of my own thoughts and into someone else’s which inspires me and helps me think outside the box.  So, without any more blabbing, this is what my morning looks like (and it obviously changes if I need to wash my hair)…

How I Start My Day Right:

7:45: Alarm goes off. Snuggle with Myla until 8.

8:00-8:15: Out of bed and head to the bathroom to get ready. This usually consists of washing my face, brushing my teeth, putting on a little foundation and lip stain, and running my hair through a straightener. Sometimes I don’t shower. I’m over it.

8:15-8:25: Get dressed. This part is important. You know how they say ‘you are what you eat’? I feel the same about clothes. Not that you’re going to be better off wearing a Chanel suit over a Target suit, but I find looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good. Feeling good leads to a better mood, productive work, etc. I usually spring for jeans and a cute top. Comfy, but not too dressed down.

8:25: Make a cup of coffee

8:30-9:00: Put my phone on silent and sit down with a book. (noticed how I haven’t checked my email, Facebook, or Instagram yet? This time in the morning is mine and I am not going to let it get taken away by anything that could upset me)

9:00-9:15: Take Myla for a walk around the block. I try to use this time to set my intentions for the day and think about what I want, what I don’t want, and what I want to improve on. Also, I make a point to think about things I’ve accomplished that I’m proud of. A little self-praise and positive reinforcement never hurt anyone!

9:15-9:30: Catch up on Instagram and Facebook

9:30: Sit down to work.

How do you start your morning? Already have a great morning routine? I’d love it here it. Share it in the comments below!


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