Lace Flared Jeans

Real talk, real quick…

Let’s have some real talk for a minute. (or just skip down to the lace flared jeans paragraph if you’re not feeling real talk today) I hated jeans for a long time. Jeans, bra, and bathing suit shopping was always a whole ordeal growing up. My mom and I would have to mentally prepare for a week. The shopping trip usually ended with me throwing a temper-tantrum in a Macy’s dressing room. Oh, I should probably mention this was still happening up until I was 15 or 16. Tempter-tantrum and all.

I wasn’t always skinny. I was never super overweight but I usually hung out somewhere just passed the higher end of the weight chart for my height. There were times when I’d get it together and get to a healthy weight only to gain it all back again. This resulted in my natural DD’s basically turning into pancakes and hanging super low. Like way too low. With that being said, I struggled for a while to find jeans, bras, and bathing suits that I felt good in.

But… I did finally figure it out and get great experience. I learned what brands and styles of jeans worked for me best when I was a size 31 vs a 27 vs a 25. And same with bathing suits… I figured out which styles best supported my chest, accentuated my curves, and covered my insecurities. I felt good but deep down still had insecurities.

Speaking of Insecurities…

TBH I had some body and eating issues growing up that I came to terms with through a lot of work but the big saggy boobs were especially hard on me {and my back}. They made me so self conscious and I couldn’t move past it. I really wanted to do something about it (aka get a lift) but I wasn’t going to do so until I got my yoyo-ing weight and eating in check.

For motivational purposes I doctor shopped and found one I loved. He told me he wouldn’t do the surgery for me until I was at a comfortable weight and stayed there instead of fluctuating like the past but he’d be there for me whenever I was ready. So I got to work, watched what I ate, lost 20lbs, kept it off, and almost two years later got a reduction/lift.

Since I’m keeping it real, I also had liposuction done two years later and that’s a story for another time but I thought it wasn’t fair to say I was being real and not actually be 100% real. (although I am incredibly open about the surgeries, my weight, and my eating so if you have questions or want to talk please shoot me an email here – this goes directly to my inbox and no one reads these emails but me).

The point of this story is…

A) I understand how hard jean shopping is both online and offline and these lace flared jeans happen to be some of the best fitting jeans I’ve tried – and there’s been a lot of them. B) A lot of the additional styling advice I give comes from personal experience. C) It’s so important that we stop comparing ourselves to others because we have no idea what they’ve been through or had done to get to where they are whether it be their life situation, body, job, or anything really.

Lol, see the irony? I hope I didn’t scare you off with my blatant honesty but I feel like in this picture perfect Instagraming world we live in it’s so hard to get wrapped up in the comparison game. I know I catch myself doing it from time to time. I guess that’s why I wanted to share some of my own truths with you.

I try hard to not fall prey to #comparisonparalysis but I’m only human and it happens. To stay focused, I make sure my goals and what I want out of life are for me and not because of someone else.

Okay, real talk done.

Lace Flared Jeans

Disclaimer* I am a denim snob. If you read 12 Closet Staples, Why you Need Them, and Where to Find Them you know I think a good pair of designer jeans are high up there on the must have list. I think they are totally worth the investment. They last and they really just fit so well.

With that being said, I don’t usually order jeans from my go-to fun fashion online shopping establishments. (like Lulu’s, Storets, Shein, Missguided, etc.) I like to save denim shopping for Haute Look, Nordstrom Rack, and Gilt.

Last week I was placing an order from Storets. I saw these lace flared jeans right as I was ready to check out. I thought they were SO FUN! The talk of even more snow in April had me kind of blue and I thought these jeans would add the perfect touch of spring while still keeping me warm.

I decided to order them. TBH I didn’t have high hopes because of the sizing. XS/S, S/M, M/L. Ummm… you mean to tell me that all of us ladies with extremely different bodies are supposed to fit into one of these three sizes?

I’ll tell ya, the magical jeans that the girls from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants found must have been from Storets. They fit really well but I could totally see them still fitting even if I were a couple sizes bigger. It’s weird but I like it.

The Style

For this outfit I was going for a fun dinner look. When it gets warmer I have this white wrap top that would be so perfect with the lace trim on the jeans but for now, it’s just too cold.

I just bought fishnet socks for spring that I have been obsesseddddd with! They are super cute with mules {I think} so I decided to pair the sock/mule combo with my lace flared jeans. If you’re not into the socks, I think the jeans and mules would still be super cute without them, I just like to do weird, different things sometimes.

Next I decided to keep it simple{ish} and throw on a sheer black bodysuit. I liked how bright, light, and spring the jeans/shoes felt but then the sheer bodysuit/fishnet socks had a darker, sultry vibe. It’s those damn contrasts again! It’s my favorite way to put an outfit together.

The green necklace and bright lip added a nice pop of color while my banana clip gave me a super sassy ponytail look. It just felt right. And finally, since I was already at a 95% sass level, I decided to throw on my cheetah print jacket for a nicely rounded 100% fun, sassy, yet casual dinner look.

What’s your favorite denim style? Let me know in the comments below!

Lace Flared Jeans



Jeans: Storets || Bodysuit: Similar || Fishnet Socks: Amazon || Mules: Gucci | Similar | Similar

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