Must Have Monday – SIXTYSEVEN Oxfords

Monday’s have never really bothered me. They’ve always kind of just been there… like a pet goldfish. A goldfish is a fine pet but it’s not much to write home about either. That’s how Monday’s have been for me until now.

Please allow me to introduce Must Have Monday! Every Monday I will dedicate a post to something I think is ‘must have’ worthy. It could be something I own, something I want, new, old, doesn’t matter. The purpose of #MustHaveMonday is to give a realistic insight to the things I absolutely love. Sometimes there are things I love but I can’t justify buying. Just because I love something but do not end up buying it, it doesn’t mean that you guys should miss out.

Today’s #MustHaveMonday are black SIXTYSEVEN oxfords. I’m pretty obsessed with them. These shoes have a zipper detail along the edges and velvet laces which contrasts really well with the super shiny black patent leather. Sure, I’ll admit they look a little odd but I like to think it’s the good kind of odd. Until I bought these shoes I was wearing boots all day-err day and it was getting old! These shoes do really well in the snow which lets me give the boots a break. Don’t let the snow durability fool you though because I will be wearing these in the spring and through summer.

Something about extreme contrasts really do it for me. These shoes have a dark almost goth vibe which makes me want to pair them with a light pink floral romper. Since it’s 5 degrees out I had to go a different route.

Unsure how else you’d wear these shoes? See how I styled them for date night on She’s Not So Basic’s Date Night Grid.


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  • Mimi

    Missing you in sunny Florida. Throw a snowball at Mike for me. Stay happy.