Must Have Monday – The Choker Bandeau

Oh hey there, Monday! How on earth did you get here so fast!

I had a pretty great weekend. My boyfriend’s boss came into town so we went out for drinks, dinner, and some pool on Friday. We found a balloon animal making mime coming out of an alley on our way home because that’s totally normal, right? I won’t lie, I got a balloon. How could I not?

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Drop a comment below and tell me about it!

Real talk before we get into the choker bandeau… It’s been over a week since launching She’s Not So Basic and I could not be happier! I really don’t know why I was so nervous. I am having so much fun running this blog and I hope you guys are enjoying it!

The Choker Bandeau:

Okay, so one more quick sidetrack before getting into #MustHaveMonday – The Choker Bandeau… let’s talk about oreos. Double stuffed oreos more specifically. I have a point, I promise! So a double stuffed oreo is pretty much an oreo, but better… right? Well that’s basically what the choker bandeau is. It’s a bandeau, but better.

I’m sure my fellow 90’s babies/life long Spice Girl fans (Sporty Spice for life!) out there will agree that the choker comeback is wayyyy better than sliced bread. With that being said, it makes sense that some genius out there thought to combine a bandeau (the bra of the hipster – which I will proudly admit to living in) with a choker. #MindBlown

In my opinion, choker bandeaus go with pretty much anything. You can see how I wore it with camo jeans and a plain tee on my Instagram. In the look I styled for this post, I chose to wear it with a loose fitting surplice/faux wrap top. I like the way I’m covered enough but still a little exposed. Also, because the top has such a deep neckline, the look would seem off balanced without the choker attachment from the bandeau, even with the necklace.

I could have easily worn a tank top under the blouse but I feel like the choker bandeau brings a nice pop to the outfit that a plain tank top could not pull off.

Have you gotten into the choker bandeau? If so, what’s your favorite way to wear it?

choker bandeau

choker bandeau

choker bandeau

choker bandeau

choker bandeau

choker bandeau

choker bandeau

My look isn’t available to be shopped online but I’ve linked similar items:

Jeans: Bloomingdales, Revolve | Top: Nordstrom | Bandeau: ASOS | Boots: Steve Madden (50% OFF!!!)

Not sure what to wear with a choker bandeau?

Get some pairing ideas from She’s Not So Basic’s Closet Staple Checklist

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