The Bold Stripe

Oh hey! How’s your week going?

I hope it’s been great! I’ve had a pretty good week myself. I think it may have something to do with the weather TBH. It’s been absolutely gorgeous out here in Aspen although my thoughts are with you guys getting hit with all of that snow up in the North East.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow! Mike and I are going out for the first time in what feels like forever.

Quick Story Time

When we first started dating we both used to go out a lot. I wouldn’t use the word partiers per-say… but we definitely did not savor relaxing nights at home. Maybe six months into being together we started to enjoy staying home but still went out a fair amount because #peerpressure.

Fast forward to living in Aspen and now we rarely go out. We are both running businesses so our priorities have changed and it’s really important to not wake up with a hangover because we have ish to do!!!

We make plans a week in advance to go out for drinks because apparently we’re 26 going on #realadult. Honestly though, I kind of enjoy making plans to go out instead of just assuming that we’re going to go out every night. It makes the time we spend together even more special.

Tomorrow is the night and I’m pretty excited to stop staring at a computer and let loose! I’ll try to instastory so make sure to follow me on Instagram!

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

The Bold Stripe – #TrendyThursday

Stripes are having a major moment this spring and I’m not just talking about a stripped button down or striped shorts… I’m talking about wam bam, in your face, can’t miss it if you tried stripes.

I’m not kidding! Throw your fashion rule book out when it comes to this trend because anything goes. Big stripes, small stripes, black stripes, rainbow stripes, thick stripes, thin strips… you name it! And the best part… go ahead and mix and match – I dare ya!

My advice is to stick with vertical stripes no matter how mixy and matchy you want to get. It’s really hard to make horizontal stripes flattering – but if you can, go for it girl (and teach me your ways)!

If I lived somewhere that I could wear heels every day, these striped pants would be on repeat this spring/summer. Back in Florida I’d wear them all the time with a plain black cropped top or a bodysuit but I’m really into this striped top. I will 100% find a way to wear these pants with bra tops this summer! I just ordered a few that are coming next week and I can’t wait to play around with styling them.

Wide Leg Pants

All stripes aside, wide leg pants are getting attention this spring as well and I’m not mad about it. Hellooooooo extra slice of pizza! It’s important to be mindful when you’re styling your wide leg pants because it’s so easy to cross the line from flattering to why is she wearing a patterned garbage bag? This comes back to knowing your body and being honest with yourself.

If you have a slender waist, I recommend going for a pair of high waisted wide leg pants with a crop top and depending on the pants, maybe even a belt. This will help accentuate curves and give a more hourglass figure.

If you’ve already got your curves, let’s skip creating the illusion are get right to it. A common mistake I’ve seen with wide leg pants and curvy women is pairing the pants with a super loose and wide tunic. Curves are aaaamazing so instead of hiding them, let’s show them off!

A bodysuit will be your perfect top. It will stay nicely tucked into your pants so you don’t have to worry about awkward bunching. If you’re not into the way bodysuits are so form fitting, a fun little trick is to add a crochet coverup. They are a cute and summery way to add a layer to your outfit so that you don’t feel too exposed but you’re also not sweating profusely.

Have you tried the bold stripe trend yet? If so, how did you wear it?

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