Trendy Thursday – The Slip Dress

Heyyy! Friday called and she’ll be here tomorrow! Yaaasss 🙂

I’m going skiing for my first time tomorrow (since I was like 4) and I’m pretty excited! I stopped by the local thrift store today and picked up a pair of high waisted leopard ski pants and the word stoked would be a total understatement to describe how I feel about them.

Butttt… cute pants aside, I am a little nervous to ski, Seriously, help a girl out! What should I know? Do you have any tips/tricks? Are the chairlifts as scary as they look?! Let me know below!

#TrendyThursday – The Slip Dress

I think I need to rename my blog She’s Obsessed with the 90’s! I just can’t get enough of all these 90’s trends.

So, it’s pretty safe to say that the slip dress no longer needs to be left in the bedroom and I am not mad about it! What I love about a slip dress is that there are sooooo many different ways to put an outfit together – and chances are, you probably already own a slip dress to test the waters.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes instead of buying a slip dress (like the one in these pictures) I literally just take a slip out from under a chiffon dress I already own (they usually come with a slip underneath). If you’ve bought a dress at Free People, theres a good chance it came with a slip! Go check your closet!

Okay, so you’ve got your slip… now what?!

I’ve found that a lot of women struggle with styling a slip dress because it walks a pretty thin line between elegant and casual. It definitely makes sense if you think about – you have this silky, sensual piece just hanging off your body. It’s hugging and clinging in all of the right places.

You feel sexy… you are sexy… you’re heading out of the house to run some errands (aka pretend the grocery store isles are actually a runway because you know, you feel good in your slip dress) and the last thing there is to do is grab a pair of shoes. You reach for your converse and… wait, what? Converse? Gorgeous Silky Dress?

I mean, if you pair the slip with a wedge or a pair of heels, you are probably going to feel wayyyyy over dressed in the grocery store, am I right?! See what I mean about the fine line between elegant and casual? If you put on heels you may feel too dressy but some people aren’t totally comfortable with sneakers and dresses. So what do you do?

This is where you need to put your confidence and attitude to work. You can totally wear a slip dress with a pair of sandals and call it a day… which is fine and cute but what about living #NotSoBasic? I say you should take a risk and wear something a little out of the ordinary.

A not so basic style looks different to everyone. To me, dressing #NotSoBasic is putting together outfits that may not always make sense to other people, but it feels right for me. I’ve always loved to challenge myself with clothes. I’d go into a store and find that weird top stuffed way back in a corner that no one wanted. I’d buy it and challenge myself to put together an outfit that would make the top cute – TBH I didn’t really care if other people thought it was cute. I just liked the creative challenge.

That’s kind of my approach with a slip dress. How creative can I get? With the slip dress in this post… here was my styling train of thought:

I wanted to wear the dress out for day drinks so I knew I was going to have to dress the slip down because it’s metallic and maxi. It would have been way easier to wear this dress at night but…

Sneakers were out of the question because the dress is too long to wear flat so I had to go with something heeled. I felt that the red booties added a fun pop of color to the look. I decided to play on that by focusing on the shoes and toning down the rest of my look with a simple black long sleeve body suit – partly because it’s freezing here, partly because I liked the contrast of the mesh black bodysuit, metallic dress, and pop of red.

As we move towards spring, I’ll probably re-wear this dress with a plain white tee shirt and some fun chunky wedges. I’m also looking forward to wearing a shorter slip dress with cropped sweaters and espadrilles, sneakers and chambrays, and so much more!

Have you taken your slip dress out of the bedroom? How do you like to wear it?

Not sure what else to wear with a slip dress?

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