8 Awesome Apps To Calm You Down

If you’re anything like me, you probably need to calm the f down. Like some days my anxiety gets so bad and makes me so shaky and sweaty that I need to change my clothes 5 times. I wish I was exaggerating. Sometimes I feel like I should have been the poster child for ‘take a chill pill’.

Buuttt since I’m trying my best to do things naturally these days (with my doctor’s support of course!) chill pills aren’t an option and I had to find new ways to calm me the f down. And my favorite so far? Apps!

Don’t get me wrong. I still love my yoga and coloring – but some days, they just don’t get the job done and I need a little extra help. On my quest for peace, I’ve found these 8 awesome apps to calm you down. And even if you don’t have bad anxiety or depression, I still recommend giving some of them a go.

I’ve tested them all but personally, I use Calm, Acupressure Heal Yourself, Pacifica, and Brain Yoga daily. All of the apps listed below are awesome but I just don’t have a need for all of them because there is a lot of overlap. If I were you, I’d download them all and see which one works best for you. Happy calming!

8 Awesome Apps To Calm You Down


Calm is a guided meditation app that also has sleep stories for adults. I honestly can’t remember how any of the stories end because by the time they are finished, I’m passed the f out. If you have a hard time falling asleep or you get really bad night time anxiety I would totally recommend this app.

Try Calm Here

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

I recently started seeing an acupressure/acupuncture/reiki healer. He’s been teaching me about the different pressure points on my body and recommended I try this app to keep up with our practices throughout the week.

Acupressure is the ancient healing art of pressing on certain points in on our bodies to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. Pressing these key point will release muscular tension and help promote circulation of the blood. This app has over 90 different combinations of pressure points to help heal different things like maintaining health, stopping addictions, relieving pain, and more.

Try Acupressure: Heal Yourself Here

Relax Melodies

This app is pretty neat because it lets you create a combination of sounds that are relaxing to you. Once you pick your relaxing sounds, someone starts to calmly talk you through some breathing and meditation exercises. If you aren’t totally sure what works for you yet, they have some set community melodies that are popular amongst other users that you can choose from.

Try Relax Melodies Here


I like Pacifica because they have a few different paths you can go down depending on what you are hoping to accomplish. Once you choose your path, each day they give you a lesson and an activity to do based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), mindfulness, and self care. There is also a mood tracker within the app which I find super useful.

Try Pacifica Here


If you are looking to overcome stress and negative thoughts the Happify is for you. The app is full of different activities and games that help you reset and refocus your mind. When I feel a panic attack coming on, I try to remember to open up this app because the activities are super calming.

Try Happify Here

Zen Koi

Zen Koi is mindless and relaxing game that lets you grow, breed and collect beautiful Japanese carp as they make their way to mythological dragon form. I honestly don’t understand how it’s so calming buuutttt it totally is. When you need to just let your mind melt for a bit, I definitely recommend giving this app a try.

Try Zen Koi Here


HelloMind is kind of just an all around get your shit together app. When you first open the app they ask you what you want help with and your options range from love to habits to weight to sleep to self-esteem to motivation to stress to anxiety to pregnancy to boosters to quick fixers. Once you choose what you want help with they ask you your challenge and then what outcome you would like to come from overcoming your challenge. From there they have a treatment plan for you to use.

Try HelloMind Here

Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga is an app filled with different games and puzzles. It’s meant to improve your memory, vocabulary, numeracy, spatial ability and pattern matching. There isn’t a timer on the games so there isn’t pressure to finish in a certain amount of time. It’s just meant to exercise and stretch our minds. I try to get on the app once in the morning and once in the evening.

Try Brain Yoga Here

What apps are you using to calm the f down?

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Use any of these 8 awesome apps when you need to calm down! I love using apps to find peace and calmness. After hours of research and testing, these 8 awesome apps are my go to when it comes to calming down | apps to use, mental health apps, apps for anxiety
Use these 8 awesome apps to help calm you down when you are struggling with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and more! I use these apps for calmness in my every day life and they help so incredibly much | apps to download, best apps, must have apps
Use these 8 apps to help you calm down when stressed, anxious, scared, or depressed | life advice, life hacks, coping skills