9 Things To Do When You Just Can’t Adult

I don’t want to adult today. I haven’t really wanted to do it all week… or month, or year, to be quite honest. Adulting has just felt like too much for me lately. And I Just. Can’t. Even. Don’t get me wrong, I still get up and go to work every day, but man is it hard. And then to come home and have to do laundry, cook, clean, etc… it’s just to much for me as of late. I can’t seem to get a grip on it all.

TBH I’ve been in a weird space these past few years. I moved across the country and cut ties with family, I’ve been depressed AF, I took a 6 month leave from running my company (only to never return), I started working a corporate job, and so much more! Maybe it’s everything catching up with me, maybe it’s just me… but my day to day has gotten rough and I feel like I just can’t adult these days.

What’s worse is I’ve been so hard on myself and so mean to myself because of it.

I get lost in the comparison trap and constantly wonder wtf I am doing with my life. It makes me sad. And stressed. And anxious. Which probably makes me not want to adult even more! I decided enough was enough and I needed to break out of this not wanting to adult cycle I’ve been stuck in.

So, I closed my laptop and stopped trying to figure out my life. I got on the floor and snuggled with my pup. We snuggled for a good hour or so when I realized I needed to be easier on myself and I needed to give myself permission to just be. I feel like I’m constantly jamming information into my brain… Podcast to and from work, corporate work all day, personal work when I get home, sleep, do it again. I never just relax and be… So I relaxed for a little and then came up with this list of things to do when you just can’t adult… then I started writing this blog post… and shit, I’m really bad at just being. Anywhoo…. here ya go!

9 Things To Do When You Just Can’t Adult

Go Easy on Yourself

Because you deserve it. You work hard. You love hard. You care hard. And life can be exhausting. Stop being your own worst critic and just love yourself for a minute (at the very least!). Stop being so mean to yourself. Give yourself words of encouragement you’d give to a best friend. Adulting is hard and it’s totally okay to need to take a beat. Just go easy on yourself.

Give Yourself Permission

Because sometimes you just need to tell yourself it’s okay to skip work and hang in your pj’s all day eating sour patch kids and mini muffins in no particular order. Give yourself permission to just be for a bit. Relax, count to ten, and just be! You don’t always need to figure out your next move or work on your next big project. It’s okay to chill out and just be.

Snuggle a Pup

Because duh. It’s a pup. But honestly, I seem to do my best thinking while snuggling with Myla. Don’t have a pup? Go to your local animal shelter!

Set Attainable Goals to Achieve

Because sometimes we just need a win, no matter how small. Setting super attainable goals like doing the dishes or taking Myla for a long walk are really helpful for getting me into the swing of adulting when I feel like I just can’t adult. Baby steps… ya know?

Act Like a Kid!

Because it’s opposite day and you didn’t want to adult today anyways! Just kidding about the opposite day, but serious about the acting like a kid part. Sometimes we just need to shake off our sillies and act like a kid before getting back to serious adulting business.

Get Some Fresh Air and Sunshine

Because it’s good for you! And don’t forget to put your feet in the earth! Ground yourself. Take in the nature. I promise it’ll feel so good and help push a hard reset on your day. It’ll make you grateful for a lot, even those adulting things you don’t want to do.

Do a Social Media Detox

Because sometimes we just need a break from that constant stream of content. It feels so good to get away from it all. Trust me. Check out these 7 signs you need a social media detox and 77 things to do instead.


Because if you ask me, there’s no better way to woosah than a little coloring action. Coloring is definitely my secret weapon to destress on the go… hellooooo purse sized coloring books! Something about coloring and trying to stay inside the lines is so relaxing to me and makes me forget all about my adulting woes for a bit.

Have an At Home Self Care Day

Because you know it’s long overdue and you didn’t want to adult today anyways! Or if you HAVE to adult today, stop what you’re doing… look at your calendar… and pen in an ultimate self care day. You deserve it and you need to make it happen!

How do you like to deal with life when you just can’t adult? Tell me in the comments below!

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Sometimes I just can't adult, and you know what? It's fine because I've got 9 things to when when adulting is too hard | millennials, lifestyle, life advice
Some days, I just can't adult. And you know what? It's totally fine! Do these 9 things instead. adulting, millennial, adulthood, adulting tips, quarter life crisis