Life Changing Fashion Hacks All Women Should Know

Life Changing Fashion Hacks

Confession: I’m a bit of a hot mess

That’s okay though because it works for me. I like to think its part of my charm. I’m gonna give it to you straight. I spill a lot, I break a lot, I trip a lot, and TBH I probably put my clothes away every 5 days only after trying on more than half my closet. The rest of the time, they are usually in not so pretty piles around the house.

Over the years I’ve picked up different life changing fashion hacks that have helped me adapt to my hot mess-ness. You see, I’ve accepted that I will never be one of those women with a pretty bright white couch because I spill coffee on myself almost every morning. I’m also never going to have a stylish bar cart because that much glass in that small of a space is just not safe around me. As my boyfriend likes to remind me, “This is why we can’t have nice things” hahaha.

I’ve found that having a go-to plan of action makes tough/frustrating situations so much easier. When a necklace clasp breaks right before I’m heading out the door, no sweat ’cause I’ve got a quick fix! Shoes too tight? I’ve got one for that too! You see where I’m going with this, right?

7 Life Changing Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

Loose Zipper

Don’t you hate it when you’ve been running around town all day and you finally stop to go to the bathroom, start to undo your pants, and realize your zipper is already down? Yeah, that never happens to me either…

Loose zippers are seriously the worst. Especially when I’m cranky, bloated, just wanna wear my period jeans, and the damn zipper won’t stay up! I keep telling myself I going to buy a sewing machine so I can learn to replace zippers myself but I also keep telling myself I’m gonna stop eating 2 bagels a day and that hasn’t seemed to happen. So… I decided to figure out a more practical solution for when a zipper loosens and I don’t have time to make it to the alteration shop or I want to wear those pants ASAP.

Action Step: Grab a keyring and loop it around your zipper pull. (usually when you valet your car or drop it off at an auto shop they attach a ticket to your keys with a keyring. I always save them and throw them into the junk drawer to have for loose zippers) Pull up your zipper and hook the keyring around your button. Then button your pants.

Broken Clasp

I like to buy costume jewelry over expensive, nice pieces. I would take 10 statement necklaces from Forever21 over one necklace from Kendra Scott. While I think Kendra Scott pieces are absolutely beautiful, I just love being able to have variety. That’s not to say that some pieces aren’t worth the splurge, I think it just depends on where your priorities are financially.

The downfall to cheap, fun costume jewelry is that it’s made cheap using cheap pieces. Consequently, the jewelry breaks easily. I like to keep mini safety pins in my purse and in my bathroom to use as a quick fix. I honestly don’t think it’s worth getting a $10 necklace fixed so I just try to extend the life as long as I can. And yeah, you can totally just figure out how to replace the clasp yourself but that takes too long if you’re in a rush and LBH, #lazy.

Action Step: Slide the safety pin through one end of the necklace and wrap the necklace around your neck. Slide the safety pin through the other side of the necklace and latch the safety pin to keep the necklace secured.

*Tip- When hooking the second half it’s way easier to turn the necklace around and look down at it or look into a mirror.

Static and Cling

Back in Florida, I experienced the occasional static cling annoyance but mainly because I’m guilty of cheaping out when it comes to buying dryer sheets. Buy ‘cheaping out’ I mean I just don’t do it.

*Total side note before I finish this thought. Every time I write a post and I start a sentence with ‘Back in Florida’ I get this Mean Girl’s-like mental image of that fight scene but like… with Florida people and alligators. If your not from Florida, don’t keep up with local Florida news, or you haven’t seen the Florida Man subreddit, you might not get it. Just thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my mind haha but anyways… moving on. 

Here in Aspen, the static cling is a whole different ball game. I’m honestly not sure why I expected anything less being 10,000 feet above sea level. The static cling in clothes usually comes from air with low humidity, two different materials rubbing together in the dryer, or wearing synthetic materials that collect electrical charges.

Enter the useless dry cleaning wire hanger!

There are many solutions for reducing static cling but I’m partial to a good old fashioned wire hanger.

Action Step: Run the long end of a wire hanger along your clothes before you put them on. After wearing them for a few minutes run the hanger along the outside of your clothes and in between your clothes and body.

Sweater Pull

Every time I come home wearing a sweater, my dog Myla loves to jump on me. I mean, she doesn’t have great manners to begin with so she pretty much always jumps on me but I’m convinced her jumps are with way more force and intention when I’m wearing a sweater. It’s like she knows my sweater is delicate and I’m paying more attention to avoiding her paws than scratching her ears and she’s just not having it.

Some sweater pulls may be beyond repair or need the TLC of a professional but as long as it’s just a handful of pulled threads, you can usually fix it yourself.

Action Step: Turn your sweater inside out and locate the pull(s). Using a small kinda pointy object like a bobby pin or tweezers, pull the loose thread that is hanging on the outside of your sweater to the inside. Very gently tie that thread into a few knots to hold its place on the inside of your sweater.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER cut a thread as your sweater will unravel and it’s so sad to see. 

Leather Scratches and Cracks

Aside from scratching my sweaters out of jealousy, Myla loves to step on my shoes when I’m trying to get out of the house. She also love to paw at the coats on the coat rack near the front door.

When I first adopted Myla, one of my sisters tried to teach her how to ring a doorbell when she wanted to go outside. The problem is Myla only caught on to the hitting things with her paw when she wants something part. She never grasped that she’s just supposed to hit a bell by the front door when she wants to go outside. So 4-5 years later, Myla runs around hitting anything that she wants. Including my leather jackets that I sometimes forget are hanging near the door.

Surprisingly enough, its pretty easy to rub scratches out of leather items like shoes, jackets, and purses.

Action Step: Rub a drop of moisturizer into the scratch using a Q-tip.

De-Wrinkle without an Iron or Steamer

Remember the piles of clothes I talked about in the beginning of the post? Yeah, well they tend to wrinkle my clothes. A lot.

If you read about the 10 reasons to love maxi dresses then you know one of the reasons I love maxi’s is because I’m almost always running late. I also love this steaming method because it really helps when you are in a rush (as long as you plan on showering that day). Basically you are gonna kill two birds with one stone while you take a shower. Realistically if you are in a pinch and don’t plan on showering this method would work without the showering but I don’t recommend it because it’s wasteful of water.

Action Step: While in the shower make sure all doors and windows are shut and hang whatever needs to be steamed from the shower rod. Make sure to hang it inside the shower, away from the water. Hop in and do your thing. It takes about 15 minutes for the steam to flatten out the wrinkles so I’d take this time to thoroughly shave (bc LBH, I don’t usually do a good job) and use a hair conditioning treatment.

*Tip- If there are still some little kinks after the shower you can usually blow dry them out. 

Break In/Stretch Shoes

My feet are like a size 6 and 3/4 which is awkward because that’s not really a purchasable size. There comes a time in every fashionistas life when she has to face a fork in the road. To size up or to size down, that is the question!

I usually like to size up, especially when it comes to shoes. Our feet swell up a bit throughout the day, causing them to be a little bigger than your actual size. Because of this, I think it’s better to have a little breathing room when buying shoes. If needed you can always add in shoe soles to fill them out and add support.

Unfortunately sometimes sizing up is just too big and passing on the shoes is out of the question. When this happens I will opt for the smaller size and stretch them out at home. For this to work, your shoes obviously have to mostly fit. If you’re a size 8 and find the most amazing pair of size 5 shoes at the best sale price you’ve ever seen and decide to buy and stretch them, it’s not gonna work. Just sayin!

Action Step: Fill two freezer ziplocks 3/4 full with water. Place one in each shoe all the way down by the toes. Freeze overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand and expand your shoes with it.

Life Changing Fashion Hacks

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