Must Have Monday – Camo Jeans

Monday, again?! Is it me or did this weekend fly by?!

TBH, I was a little nervous for this weekend. This was my first weekend in Colorado alone (kind of). My boyfriend went home to Florida to see his family and I stayed here in Colorado with our pupchild, Myla.

Mike is pretty much totally my rock (no pressure babe!). He’s my bestie. We get each other, support each other, love each other, and all of that mushy good stuff. He’s seen me through some pretty hard times recently that some days hit me harder than others and his love and support is amazing.

Okay, okay, I’ll just say it. I was scared to be aloneDoes being alone ever make you nervous? It’s weird too because I lived alone for so long… and LOVED it. I was just super afraid and anxious about being alone this past weekend. Thinking about it now, I guess it was because Colorado is still so new that I was afraid I’d feel lost without Mike here. I’m not totally sure but that makes sense to me.

But… I ended up having totally awesome company and having a really fun weekend. My boyfriend works with an amazing start up, Downtowner, and couple of the owners (who are familiar faces from home) were in town so it all worked out. So… if you guys are reading, thanks for making sure I was fed and watered while Mike was gone 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Let me know in the comments below!

#MustHaveMonday Camouflage Jeans

Okay, up until about 11 days ago, camo jeans and Must Have Monday would have never been in the same sentence. They are just… not me. Or so I thought…

I’ve been eyeing camo for a while now but never felt like I could pull it off. Up until 6 months ago, I owned 3 tutu’s (and wore them out on the reg). Camouflage is so bold… strong… official. I mean the first thing that comes to my mind with I think about camouflage is the Army. And not to say that I’m not any of those things but my style is quite the opposite.

The perfect camo opportunity presented itself to me in the form of an awesome sale… and well, I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the story. I love camo jeans. I think they are a total must have!

I’ve been living in them during the day when I’m out and about. It’s weird because I expected to feel grungy in them but I actually feel super cute! I’ve been pairing my camo jeans with sneakers. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ve probably gathered that I am obsessed with Superga’s but I’ve also been wearing my camo jeans with these fluffy Steve Madden Sneakers.

Are you into camouflage? What’s your favorite camo piece to wear?

Jeans: Similar | Sneakers: Supera | Fishnets: Amazon | Bodysuit: Similar | Jacket: The jacket was made specifically for LF Stores recent Fall/Winter collection and I can’t find anything even remotely similar 🙁

I am loving Camouflage pants for a Day Date! Need some date ideas and outfits?

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