Why I’m Not Making New Years Resolutions & You Shouldn’t Either

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Can I be honest with you guys? It’s been a while since the last time I made a New Year’s resolution. I guess they just aren’t really my thing? Maybe I’m lazy… maybe I’m scared… or maybe it’s just got something to do with my background in marketing?

Every year, come December, my inbox gets bombarded with deals from my advertisers. I see all kinds of gym membership offers, diet pill sales, and make money from home opportunities just dying for some traffic. There’s literally a whole industry profiting off of people setting unrealistic goals every January 1st.

But marketing aside, I can’t actually remember one New Year’s resolution that I stuck to when I did make them… So maybe it’s just the let down when I don’t actually accomplish/stick to my resolutions that I don’t like? Like resolutions to lose 25 pounds and make a whole bunch of money sound super awesome on January 1st but somehow as the year goes on, those resolutions become very vague and unimportant until the new year comes around and the cycle starts again.

Butttt even though it seems like I’m hating hard on New Years resolutions… I swear I’m not and I totally get where they are coming from. Setting goals for the new year is a super healthy thing to do, it’s just that for me, affirmations are a better way of going about it.

Why I’m Making New Years Affirmations Instead Of Resolutions

Okay… so first things first. Let’s start off with some quick vocab.

affirmation – a confident and forceful statement that something exists or is true.

resolution – a firm decision to do or not to do something.

So like follow me here… if your resolution is to lose 25 pounds in the new year, that’s cool but your resolution doesn’t hold you accountable for taking the steps to lose the weight. If you were to instead make an affirmation to nourish your body with only whole and healthy foods, cut out midnight snacks (<– or is that part just me?), and exercise 3x/week so that you can lose 25 pounds in the new year, you are holding yourself accountable. By getting clear on the steps you are taking towards reaching your goal for the new year you will quickly find the right path, get on it, and stay on it (as long as you keep up with those affirmations!).

Also, ‘are’ is bolded in that last sentence because an affirmation is something that exists or is true. So it’s not a resolution that you can say you’ll start next week but never actually get around to doing. If you’re affirming it, that means ya gotta do it! It’s accountability and also the reason I prefer affirmations to resolutions.

New Years Affirmations To Make This Year

If you’re into the affirmations but not totally sure where to start, don’t you worry! I’ve got you covered! Acceptance/forgiveness, overall health, and spiritual connection will be big themes for me in 2018. Because of that, most of my affirmations will be somewhat along those lines.


I radiate positive vibes and good intentions that come back to me in healthy and happy relationships.

I am ready and willing to meet my other half, not because I need a partner but because I am truly ready for one.

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Physical Health:

I look forward to practicing yoga daily because it is the best medicine for my mind, body, and spirit.

My body is a strong temple that is not addicted to nicotine and therefore I do not need or want to smoke a cigarette.

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Mental Health:

I do not worry about what I cannot control.

I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully release them.

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I already have all the tools and secrets within me that are needed to be financially successful and I use them without hesitation to build my empire.

Making money comes as natural to me as eating, sleeping, and breathing.

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My life is a blank canvas and I am the artist painting a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

I am not a victim and I give more power to my present than to my past.

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new years affirmations

new years affirmations

new years affirmations

Your turn! What affirmations are you making this year? Tell me in the comments!

See why I'm not making new year's resolutions this year and you shouldn't either! | new years, #newyearsgoals, #newyearsresolution, new years affirmation, good new years resolution, resolutions list, resolution ideas, new years pledgeSee why I'm making new year's affirmations instead of resolutions this year and you should too! | new years affirmations, new year new you, new years resolution, #newyears, #goalsetting, #intentionsetting, intentions, positive vibes

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