What To Wear When You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Wear

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I’m almost willing to bet some important organ of mine that around 95% of the people reading this post has said something along the lines of “I have nothing to wear” at one time or another while staring at a pretty full closet of cute clothes. Heck, my boyfriend has found me sitting on the floor crying about it (obvs not my proudest moment). But like the thing is, I knooowwww it’s such a silly statement. It’s not that I don’t have anything to wear, it’s just that I don’t want to wear what I have. Ya feel?

Pa-tay-toe, pa-taah-toe some may say but the fact of the matter is if you’re reading this blog, you more than likely have something to wear. And that is definitely something we can work with.

The Importance of Closet Staples

So, before I dig into my favorite things to wear when I ‘have nothing to wear’, I just want to briefly go over the importance of closet staples just in case you missed the post I wrote on it a while back. Closet staples are pretty much the bread to a sandwich IMO. A sandwich without bread is just a pile of meat and an entire outfit comprised of statement pieces is just a big trendy blob. You need the closet staples to smooth out the statement pieces which then pulls the whole look together. Just like you need the bread to pull the sandwich together. Does that make sense?

Closet staples pull a whole look together but in addition to that, they are just awesome for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear or you just don’t feel like thinking about an outfit but need/want to look put together.

I swear by these 11 closet staples and would definitely recommend you slowly start adding them to your closet if you don’t already have them.

What To Wear When You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Wear

I have come up with a go to list of 6 outfits to wear when I feel like I have nothing to wear. They are all pretty different to apease whatever mood I may be in that day. And taking it a step further, I’ll tell ya exactly how I’d either dress up or dress down the look. Ready? Okay, let’s do this.

Jeans and a Tee

Yes, this is probably the most obvious and maybe not exactly what you want to hear buuttttt it seriously gets the job done on those days that you just can’t stand your closet. The trick with making a simple jeans and a tee outfit #notsobasic is to really step up your accessory game.

A statement belt is a closet staple I swear by and perfect for those jeans and a tee kinda days. I really feel like adding a belt makes the look less of an ‘I just rolled out of bed and hate my closet so I’ll just throw on the first thing I can find‘ outfit to an ‘I am rocking this look because I want to and it feels good and looks cute’ kind of outfit. And if you want to feel a bit more sophisticated, throw on a blazer too.

Dress it up: Depending on the time of year, this can get tricky but let’s just assume it hasn’t just snowed 3 feet in two days like it has here in Aspen. I love to dress up a simple jeans and tee outfit with some open toe heeled sandals. If you aren’t into heels, I would try some cute flats or loafers.

Dress it down: Pair this look with a pair of bright white sneakers to dress it down and keep your look casual cool.

Little Black Dress

In my opinion, LBD’s aren’t just for night time. I looovveeee finding casual ways to work a little black dress into my daily life. Whether you are running errands or heading out for dinner and just don’t know what you want to wear, a little black dress is always the perfect go to.

Dress it up: Heels and a leather jacket

Dress it down: Sneakers and a denim jacket

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Little Black Dress

A Killer Kimono

Okay, so basically every time I wear a kimono I get a compliment on my outfit. And liikkeeee it’s not that I need compliments for validation or anything like that, but who doesn’t like a compliment, ya know? Especially on those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear. And since kimonos are such a statement piece, it’s really easy to just throw on jeans with a tank, tee, or bodysuit and add the kimono for a nice pop of sass.

Dress it up: Body con dress and heels

Dress it down: Jeans, sneakers/Birkenstocks, with a tee or tank

Chambray Button Down and Black Skinnies

Something about the contrast of a chambray button down and black skinny jeans really does it for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I enjoy it very much. A chambray button down with my favorite black Rag and Bone skinnies are one of my favorite outfits to go to when I feel like I have nothing to wear.

Dress it up: Nude pumps and a blazer

Dress it down: Slip on sneakers, snakeskin or cheetah print if you have!!

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High waisted cutoffs and a sweater (preferably oversized)

For the most part, this is a go to for me over the summer. It definitely gets hot in Aspen but if you find yourself in some shade you’ll get chilly so I always like to have a sweater with me. If you’re feeling brave in the winter, you can totally add some tights and over the knee boots to this look like I did below. I really like to balance my outfits, meaning if I’m wearing something heavy on the top half of my body, like an over sized sweater, I try to go lighter on the bottom half, with something like shorts or skinny jeans. While skinny jeans are great, I love the contrast of a sweater with shorts. I love things that don’t seem to belong together and at first thought, a sweater and shorts probably aren’t a go to combination.

Dress it up: Go monochrome and add a chunky statement necklace.

Dress it down: Socks with Birkenstocks and a fanny pack worn cross body if you’re feeling super brave!

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A Maxi Dress

Soooo if you’re looking for a reason to fall in love with maxi dresses, I’ve got 10 of them you can check out here. Maxi dresses are fool proof when you feel like you have nothing to wear! You can accessorize them for any occasion, they are usually slimming, and almost always not restricting if you are planning on having a meal.

Dress it up: Try to go for a solid maxi dress as opposed to a floral or printed one. Add a blazer or leather jacket with a belt. Don’t forget to accessorize.

Dress it down: Go for sandals or sneakers and add a denim jacket or scarf with a hat.

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What is your go to outfit when you feel like you have nothing to wear? Tell me in the comments below!

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Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to wear even when I have a pretty full closet of cute clothes. To help with this I put together a fool proof guide of what to wear when you feel like you have nothing to wear | outfit ideas, what should I wear, style advice, fashion advice, what to wear