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Shop For A Cause

About: This shop will have about 100 pieces from my closet for you to purchase (nothing will cost over $15). Due the overwhelming response about selling my clothes, I’ve decided to limit access to the sale so that the people who sign up have a chance to grab whatever pieces they really want. After a week, I’ll open the sale to everyone else. Sign up below to get your early access and launch date information.

Who: ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from this shop will be donated to the Aspen Hope Center.

Why: You can read the long story here but the short version is that it’s time to let go. My clothes have been the armor that protected me, kept me strong, and gave me confidence through really dark times in my life but now it’s time to pass them onto someone who needs that armor more.

The Aspen Hope Center has pretty much saved my life. They are pulling me through my major depression, suicidal thoughts, restrictive eating, and so much more. I’m fortunate to have money saved up for therapy but I know other’s aren’t so lucky and their mental illnesses go untreated. I hope this sale will raise enough money to help other people who are struggling with mental illnesses find some hope.


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