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She’s Not So Basic is a little spot on the Internet where I hope you can grab your Starbucks, kick off your Uggs, and hang for a while.

Here's the thing. As much as I embrace the 'basicness' (<--- not a real word, I know. That happens a lot on the blog FYI) about my style and personality, I am so much more and I know you are too. Here on She's Not So Basic you will find style advice, self-love inspiration, and ways to find happiness for the woman who wants to feel confident and find her freedom.

How did all of this start?

First off, I’m Michelle, the blogger behind She’s Not So Basic. In August of 2016 I packed up my life in the back of my Jeep and moved across the country from Florida to Colorado. I like to say that I followed my boyfriend to Colorado for his job because the real reason is actually a long crazy story that most people just don't believe.

After a few months in Colorado, the toll of the move really started to settle in. I was in the middle of grieving some big losses and really just didn't know how to cope. Like honestly, most days putting on pants and walking out the door was just too much.

I needed something more in my life and it needed to be big. The force of whatever I needed had to be so strong that it would ground me. Make me feel good. Give me purpose. Help me find myself. And that’s how She's Not So Basic was born.

Feeling Confident

Fashion has always been the constant in my life. More than a constant, it’s been my armor. Stepping into a fierce, bold, and different outfit makes me feel empowered. Strong. Safe. Unstoppable. It’s how I’ve always picked myself up and dusted myself off so I could keep on going.

Fashion and styling have helped me find strength and feel confident on the outside, even if what I was feeling on the inside was a total 180. On the blog I share my styling advice with you so that even if you don't feel so great on the inside, you can at least feel a little better on the outside. Although I truly believe my clothes have been the armor that protected me and kept me strong enough to get this far in my life I also feel like they’ve been a bandaid covering up the painful experiences I’ve been through which is also why I believe we need more in life than just cute clothes.

Finding Freedom

Flashback to 4 years ago... I tried to start a blog but never went through with it. I was so scared of what people would think...

“Will they like my writing? My outfits?…

Will they even like me?”

That tape played on a loop for hours each day. But not today. Not anymore. I’ve decided to take control of my life and start growing into the person I want to be. That’s kind of what I mean when I keep saying finding freedom. Figure out want you want/need and go for it, even if it's scary!

It’s not really about blogging, finances, or any one thing/event in particular. Finding freedom is just about breaking down whatever walls may be holding you back so that you can live the best and fullest life possible. On the blog you'll find tricks to finding happiness, tips on letting go, and advice on learning how to love yourself.

Everyday is a Journey To Feeling Confident and Finding Freedom

PSA: It’s totally okay to not know who you are or what you’re doing. I’m pretty much the walking poster child for that. You too?! No worries, welcome to the club. She’s Not So Basic is a community for women who want to feel confident and find freedom in their life. I really want readers to reach out to me. Whether it’s to ask advice, request a post, or just to get something off your chest that you can’t talk about with anyone you personally know, I am here! The intention with this blog is to create a safe space for other women who have may lost their direction and feel like they don’t fit anywhere in this world. Just know that you always have a place right here with me!

I want to be a part of your #NotSoBasic movement, so let’s connect on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or send an e-mail straight to my inbox.

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