Fashion Emergency Kit

fashion emergency kit

The dreaded fashion emergency.

How annoying is it when you’ve finally put together the perfect outfit after hours of trying on everything you own and just a few closet floor tears (or is that part just me?) only to notice something wrong with your top…  you need some double sided tape or a safety pin. You uncover every inch of your home looking for that damn safety pin but you can’t find it. If only you had a fashion emergency kit.

Mental note – pick up safety pins. 

You’ve spent all week picking out the perfect outfit. It’s finally here – the big night… or date… or whatever. You’re excited and nervous all at once but you’ve got this!

Hair? ✓ Make-up? ✓ Outfit? ✓ Deodorant? Shit, deodorant.

So do you take the outfit off and risk ruining your hair and make up or do you awkwardly finagle the deodorant under your clothes? I’m more of an awkward finagle gal myself which usually ends up with some not so cute deodorant stains.

After one too many fashion emergencies, I finally decided to put together a fashion emergency kit. Two actually. I keep one in my car and one in my bathroom. I like having the extra one in my car because you never know what can happen from the time you leave your house until you get to your destination. Also, if I end up running low on something that’s in my bathroom, I use my car emergency kit as back up. This gives me some extra time to replenish what I ran out of because LBH, going to the store is a drag and it usually takes 2-3 days of mental preparation to get there.

*Extra tip – you may want to consider leaving tampons, extra underwear, and a tooth brush in your car emergency kit – you never know when you may have an unexpected night out 

What’s a Fashion Emergency Kit?

A fashion emergency kit is basically just a bunch of things that are in one place in the event of a fashion emergency. Everyone’s version of a fashion emergency is going to be a little different so feel free to leave out whatever does not work for you.

There are a bunch of different products out there so I’ve rounded up my favorites which are the same ones in my fashion emergency kits.

To put this kit together I thought about my own personal fashion emergency situations and I wrote down the best way to solve each problem.

A few items I seriously can’t live without are my fashion tape, deodorant remover wipes, and my lint roller. The #pupmomstruggle is real and I’ve found this lint roller is the best for getting rid of all the dog hair.

11 Best Products for a Fashion Emergency Kit (plus the case):



Fashion Tape is {pretty much} my best friend. I love wearing low cut tops that sometimes need a little taping to avoid the not so glamorous #nipslip. I prefer the tape that comes out of a dispenser over the precut strips because you can cut it as big or small as you need.




safety pins



Safety pins… where to start. Sometimes I use them to hook my bra straps together if my bra is too big (I’m queen of the misfitting bra!). Or if I buy really cute pants that need to be hemmed but I don’t have time… safety pin them. If a necklace clasp breaks… safety pin the necklace. There are lots more safety pin scenarios but I’m sure you get the point!






Deodorant remover… see paragraphs 3-5!






Tweezers are a must. Lets be real. We all get hairs in weird places that we don’t want to admit to (I’m assuming here but I think it’s a safe assumption). This may seem excessive but I have my main tweezers, which are a more expensive pair with all of my getting ready stuff and then I keep another pair of tweezers in each of my fashion emergency kits. Sometimes to get more natural light I’ll take my tweezers into the living room or my car and put them down and forget about it. Flash forward to when I’m getting ready and realize I forgot to do my right eyebrow and can’t find my tweezers. At least I know I have a back up in my fashion emergency kit.




blister bandaid


Bandaids are probably pretty self explanatory – cute shoes aren’t always comfy. I like these blister bandaids for when I’m breaking in a new pair of espadrilles.





downy wrinkle releaser


Rapid wrinkle releaser is great for when you are running out the door and notice a wrinkle but don’t have time to steam it out… or when your clothes get wrinkled in the car… or even throughout the day from just living life.






shout stain wipes


Stain remover wipes are dedicated to my fellow coffee addicts. I can’t count the amount of times I spill coffee on myself in the car… or at the table… or kind of just anywhere in general.




mini sewing kit

Mini sewing kit… you just never know. It comes in handy!







heel liners

Heel liners… for those super cute yet painful heels





lint roller



Lint roller because we’re not all laundry experts and some of us have dogs who like to lay on our warm, clean, fresh out of the dryer clothes






blister stick


Blister stick… you get the point – cute shoes aren’t always comfy. Sometimes I feel like they are testing me and I just need to prove my dedication through breaking them in. Anyone else? No? I swear, I’m not crazy! Okay, moving on…







Don’t forget you need a cute bag to keep everything in! I LOVE clear cases because it makes finding things SOOO much easier. I swear clear cases have saved me hours of searching time.



In my opinion, getting two fashion emergency kits set up at once is a little excessive and expensive! My suggestion is to pick a few things that you feel would be immediately helpful and then each time you go to the store or order something on Amazon (which is like every day for this girl!) add something else to your kit!

DIY Fashion Emergency Kit

Do you have a fashion emergency kit? What’s in it?! Let me know in the comments below!

Now that you have your Fashion Emergency Kit, it’s time to plan a date!

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DIY Fashion Emergency Kit