Trendy Thursday – Fishnets and Denim

Fishnets and Jeans

Last week’s Why Wednesday (which you can check out here) talked about why you don’t need to follow trends to be stylish but it should have included a disclaimer that excluded fishnets. You NEED fishnets. I NEED fishnets. We all NEED fishnets. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but I love love love fishnets which is why this weeks #TrendyThursday is Fishnets and Denim.

I started out my academic career at an Episcopalian school that had a dress code. I was always getting in trouble for wearing ‘seductive’ stockings with my uniform. I wasn’t trying to be seductive. Something about sexy stockings just did it for me, even back before I really knew what sexy was. I just knew these laced and netted stockings that I adored so much added something so strong yet feminine to an outfit and I loved it.

Fishnets and denim is a trend that I stand behind. There are a million ways I’d style the trend but my favorite is ripped denim and a crop top. I don’t usually do grunge so the fishnets add a sexy feminine vibe to the ripped jeans. I really like this look for a day-date which is where I decided to wear it. Mike and I took Myla (our pup) to the dog park and then we grabbed some lunch. My goal was to be casual and comfy but sexy.

For this look, I wanted a completely casual outfit to contrast the dark sexy fistnets. What’s more casual than ripped denim and a white tee? I grabbed my holiest pair of jeans and my go to long sleeve cotton crop top with some espadrilles because I was craving spring but these white sneakers would have been another awesome option. I finished the look with a gold choker and my favorite Gucci belt (closet staple).

How do you like to wear your fishnets and denim? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


My outfit isn’t available to be shopped online but I’ve linked similar items below:

Jeans: Revolve | Shirt: ASOS | Belt: Gucci | Fishnets: Amazon

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