Off the Shoulder

off the shoulder

Oh hey, girl! How have you been?!

Can you believe it’s already Thursday aka Pre-Friday aka almost the weekendddd!?!? I certainly can’t. I feel like this week has flown by! Before we dive into off the shoulder…

Just in case you don’t follow me on Instagram (where I try to share day to day life updates), I wanted to give a quick update here on the blog as to why I skipped a couple weeks of blogging.

Mike went home to Florida for a week and we took all of the pictures I needed for that week before he left. Then right as he got home and I was running out of pictures, I got really sick. Then just as I was getting over my cold, our entire apartment flooded and we had to move immediately.

Yes, immediately. We were living in this apartment that I swear had seriously bad vibes. I joked about having to burn sage from time to time. We had soooo many things go wrong in that place from paying rent up front only to find out the landlord let the unit go into foreclosure and it was sold to someone else, to things breaking while the apartment was in ownership limbo, to the flood.

The flood made the unit unlivable and since we technically didn’t have a landlord we were on our own. Pre-flood, we made a deal with the new owner that we would move out around April (since that’s how long we paid the original owner for). Since we’re super responsible and great at #adulting, we started looked at new places last week.

We found a place we loved. We were 99% sure we wanted it. I guess we needed a little push because the day after looking at the place we loved was the day our old place flooded. We called the new landlord and he let us move in right away.

It all worked out!

That’s basically how I feel towards this new apartment. Thank you Chuck Bass, you are such a wise man!

Seriously, I love our new place. It’s a little further out of the main part of Aspen but that’s okay because we literally live in a log cabin! It’s so cute, cozy, and homy. It feels right. 

I’ve been Instastorying it so make sure you follow along!

So, now the reason you’re really here:

Trendy Thursday – Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder is huge right now and I’m on board! It’s fun, flirty, girly, and sexy! You will definitely be seeing me in a lot more off the shoulder as it gets warmer. There are a couple important things to keep in mind as you go for this trend (I’m going to be blunt here).

First make sure you have a solid strapless bra (unless you’ve been blessed with great boobs or a great doctor). Seriously though… if you wear one of those bombshell push up bra’s it’s just not going to look right. Your boobs are going to be pushed up and smushed into the strap across your chest (which ususally has elastic) and it will make your chest look misshaped.

I honestly feel like off the shoulder tops are celebrating the sexiness of a woman’s natural body. It’s revealing our bare shoulders and collarbones while leaving everything else to the imagination. Go with that. Find a strapless bra that holds your chest in place, but the right place. Not 5 inches above where your boobs should really be.

Okay, I feel like I was just giving the birds and the bees talk… moving on.

Next, be picky about how your off the shoulder piece fits you. If it’s just a smidge too tight around your shoulders, you will not feel confident. Confidence is key. Hold out for the top that fits you properly. I usually buy my off the shoulder pieces a size bigger than what I would normally wear.

My Outfit

The top I’m wearing in this post is from Zara. It’s a small and it fits pretty well around my shoulders. It’s maybe just a touch too big but I honestly prefer that over it being a touch too tight.

I was having a major Gucci moment and decided to style the top with my Gucci belt and mules. Since I’m really into contrasts, I felt that a pair of super hole-y, light wash jeans would balance out the outfit for me.

When it’s a little warmer, I’d love to wear this top out for a date night with black dress shorts and nude strappy heels.

Have you gotten into the Off the Shoulder Trend yet? Let me know in the comments below!

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

off the shoulder

Top: Zara || Belt: Gucci | Other | Other || Jeans: Similar ||

Shoes: Gucci | Similar | WANT | WANT | WANT

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