6 Reasons Why Day Dates are AWESOME

day dates

There’s like some weird stigma with day dates about how they are a bad sign and automatically put you in the friend-zone. But liiiikkkeee…

Can someone please tell me why?!

Personally, day dates are used to be my jam. (Ya know, back when I was single and ready to mingle) Now that Mike and I live together, I feel like our life is one giant never ending date. And I’m totally okay with that since a few years before we started officially dating I saw Mike in a bar and creepily asked him why the guy I was on a date with that night couldn’t just be more like Mike. So obviously the never ending date was my evil plan all along muahaha    Just kidding, okay moving on! I just have such a hard time understanding why so many other people aren’t on board with day dates.

Six Reasons Why Day Dates are AWESOME:

1. It’s much easier to fake an emergency to leave if the date is going bad.

Not that anyone ever does this IRL, righttt? But like if you were gonna, I’m just saying… during the day you can forget that your gardener is at your house and he needs to be paid (even if you don’t have a gardener or a house!), or you need to get to the bank for a time sensitive matter that you totally forgot about until your date made that offensive joke, or that you suddenly remembered you have a gynecologist appointment to take care of that thing and it’s absolutely imperative to get to the appointment. The list can go on for days. No need to wait for someone to fake call you out of the date during the day!

2. You can continue into happy hour and get drunk (and/or eat) for cheap if all goes well. #WinWin

I don’t get why people make date reservations for like 9pm. At 9pm, I’ve already been in my pajamas for HOURS. That aside, have you ever been on a date that’s going pretty well but because you guys didn’t start eating until 9, by the time you finish your meal the night is almost over, most places are closing, and he’s all ‘Hey, it’s getting late… why don’t we just go back to my place for a night cap and we can hang out and watch some tv?’ OMG I NOW KNOW WHY DATES START AT 9PM!!! But like no, I just met you sir. I don’t want to go back to your house and watch TV.

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Day dates are so great because if the date is actually going awesome and you don’t want it to end, you can keep it going till the night – in a public setting – because most places don’t close in the afternoon. When this happens, I like to bar hop during happy hour. I think it’s fun to change scenery after each drink. It also gives you a chance to learn a lot about your date as you guys look over and talk about the different menus that have different kinds of drinks and food. It’ll open the door to all kinds of conversation topics. And happy hour drinks are usually cheap sooo who’s doing who the favor here?

Also, if you don’t drink… that’s totally cool! Just bar hop for the appetizers instead because LBH, everyone loves discounted food!

3. If things don’t go well, you still have the whole night ahead of you. (No, I’m totally not judging you for going on a second date that night)

No explanation needed. You do you, girlfriend!

4. If you happen to get a little nervous and have a few too many drinks on the date, you’ll have plenty of time to sleep it off before the next day.

Also, no explanation needed. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m kind of an advocate for drinking your way through the first few months dates. But this only works for me because the right amount of drinks will help decrease my awkwardness and let my weird flag fly without feeling self conscious about it. Also, I know when to stop drinking. If you’re a crier while drinking or don’t know when to stop, maybe pass on the drinks.

5. There are so many fun things to do during the day that make way better date activities than staring across the table at someone you barely know while trying to daintily stuff a piece of sushi in your face hole.

One of my favorite day dates I’ve been on was at the shooting range. With that guy I talked about in the beginning of the post who I wanted to be more like Mike but that part of the story isn’t important. What’s important is that we went on a day date and did something fun and new and I’m really good at skeet shooting. I will also never forget how nervous I was in the car on the way out to the shooting range. But somehow my walls were let down while at the range. As a result, the 30 minute car ride home was filled with natural conversation.

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6. It’s way easier to gauge the amount of sexy you should wear (if any at all) for a day date over a night date. <— my favorite point

You know the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle shows up to Vivian’s party in a costume? But it’s not a costume party? Yeahhh… something like that is one of my worst fears. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being overdressed. In fact, I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed but I feel like there is only so much over dressing you can do for a day date because casual is kind of the norm, you know?

When you go on a date at night there are so many different ways to go when it comes to your outfit but you’ll more than likely feel some kind of obligation to dress sexy. And if you’re anything like me you’ll have like 9 panic attacks on your closet floor because you aren’t sure if you are dressed too sexy or not sexy enough. With dates during the day, I feel like that pressure comes off. Probs because most of society doesn’t walk around all sexy like in their pumps, mini skirt, and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra at 1pm. When it comes to day dates casual is key which makes me feel most comfortable. And in all honestly, that’s probably why I love them so much.

***Bonus Reason***

There are way more opportunities to bring your pup on a day date! And just borrow someone eles’s if you don’t have your own. Whatevs. NBD. It’s totally fine. 

What To Wear on Your Day Date

So obviously your outfit might change a little depending on what you are doing but my go to day date outfit is a flowy girly dress with leather sneakers. I’ll tell you why on the leather.

One time Mike and I went on a day date and after we ate we decided to go exploring. I was wearing a two piece shorts outfit with espadrilles that should have been totally fine for exploring. The only problem was that my espadrilles were Chanel and we were about to walk through some slightly muddy ground to get to these really neat ice caves. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Those babies were a serious splurge and I was afraid to ruin them.

When I told him why we couldn’t go see the ice caves I felt so silly and was embarrassed that we were having such a nice time and my stupid fancy-schmancy shoes ruined it. And then I sat down in some mud and cried. Moral of the story, wear cute shoes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty but are easy to clean if you do!

I always make sure my dress is long enough just in case I have to move around or it happens to be super windy that day. Not into dresses?! That’s okay too! I think rompers, maxis, and soft shorts outfits can be great day date alternatives to a dress.

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Day Dates get a weird stigma, but it you ask me, they are awesome! Here's 6 reasons to go on a day date as well as day date outfit ideas | dating, dates, date ideas, dating ideas, things to do

I love day dates for so many reasons but on the blog I am sharing 6 reasons to go on a day date asap and what to wear on the date | dating, date ideas, what to wear on a date, date outfit ides
Next time you're planning a date, go on a day date! They are awesome! On the blog I'm sharing 6 reasons to go on a day date and what to wear on your date! | dating, dating advice, what to wear on a date, date ideas

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Day Dates Are Awesome6 Reason Why Day Dates Are Awesome