Upgrade your Office Wardrobe – Why it’s Important



How you dress for work is really important which is why you should upgrade your office wardrobe. It’s important for yourself but it’s also more important to those around you than you would think. How you dress is important for yourself for the obvious reason. Look Good = Feel Good. It’s so simple. There’s no scientific way I can explain it but I just know that every time I have a kick ass outfit on, I feel kick ass, and I usually end up kicking the day’s ass. How you dress is also important to your peers and your boss. If you walk into work wearing the same stained dress pants all week with a wrinkled shirt you pulled out of the hamper, it tells your peers and your boss you don’t care. The way you dress can say a lot about you.

Before I started working from home I had a real job in a real office with real people. That meant I had to wear real pants. It was my first ‘big girl job’ and my wardrobe at the time consisted mostly of high waisted soft shorts, crop tops, and combat boots. Being in my mid early twenties was a bit of a confusing time. I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to wear, how I was supposed to act. Which is mostly still true today but at least I know how to embrace it now!

Being thrusted into a real office setting from my six year streak of restaurant hostessing was a bit of a culture shock. The office dress code was business casual (whatever that is) and I was the youngest person in the office by ten years. What. The. Hell. How do I get dressed for work everyday? How do I interact with these people? Are they even going to take me seriously? These were all panic thoughts that kept me up at night the week leading up to my big first day.

I upgraded my office wardrobe and I think it plays a big part in how I got to where I am today. My work ethic, brain, and personality did most of the work but I truly think my clothes helped. I used to work for a marketing company. I went in there dressed for success every single day. Even when I started as a receptionist. And when I got promoted to an account assistant. And even when I got promoted to an account executive.

From day one I dressed for success and clients noticed. Peers noticed. My bosses noticed. When one of the biggest trade shows of the year came around and they had an extra plane ticket, guess who got it? I did, because my boss knew he could put me in front of the company’s booth and I would stand out in an appropriate way, be personable and draw people in. He knew I would be a good representation of his company. From there I really had my foot in the door. My accounts grew, my responsibilities grew, and my income grew. Had I been the girl sitting the the office with dirty pants and a wrinkled shirt, they probably would have never taken a chance on me.

Upgrading your office wardrobe doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. My office shopping game plan is kind of the same as my regular shopping game plan. I like to splurge on classic staples and thrift or shop affordable for the trendy statement pieces I don’t wear as often. Patterned dress pants are AMAZING but you’re not going to wear them as often as solid pants so it doesn’t make sense to splurge on them. A crisp white button down is going to be a staple so that’s probably something you want to buy based on quality. I’ve linked 5 work wardrobe staples and 5 work wardrobe statement pieces that I think are a good start to stepping up your work wardrobe game.

Upgrade your office wardrobe:


white button down dress pants pinstriped button down wrap dress pencil skirt





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